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SouperBag draws stares on East 42nd Street in New York

German chimneysweep in Lübeck, 1982.

London hippies taking a break, 1971.

Two London Tower beauties, 1998.
No, it´s not Ricky Lake.

Souper Masai. Kenya top this? I don´t think so.

She'll need another Souperbag if she's planning on buying more books.

I.M. Pei´s famed Louvre pyramid provides an architecturally sound shelter for this fashonably attired Dutch physicist.

Bronze beauties posing with their favourite accessory.

Veronique contemplates her next move while waiting for her
gondolier pal to get off work. Venice, 1978.

Happy Birthday Souper Man!
John Reynolds Souperbag Birthday Cake!
What a confection THAT was!
(The party wasn't bad either.)

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