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Anybody home?
John Reynolds admires the thatched country house of his friend Helle Hansen at Karlslunde, Denmark 1992.
Who just rang my doorbell? Hello? Is anybody there?

This extraordinary Danish Souperbag chapeaux drew more than a few astonished glances on Fifth Avenue during the 1987 Easter Parade. CNN, NBC and ABC were transfixed.

Papau New Guinea anthropoligist taking a break in the field with four foot tall friends.

Buddhist priest at Amherst College knows
how to protect his sacred sutras from
the elements in a neat and tidy manner.

Liu Ming got his Souperbag from a German
friend in Shanghai and took it everywhere that summer. Here he pauses before heading up into the mountains in Sichuan province, July 1989.

The Dalai Lama's brother and friend.
Tibetan Cultural Center, Bloomington, Indiana

Maui Wowie! Marsha Forté greets the chilly
dawn on Maui, 1984. A double latte followed.

"I know it's in here somewhere."  Sure. Right!
The Danish Souperbag's many pockets and compartments provide
a good excuse for not being able to find one's wallet.
P.S. Guess who ended up paying the check

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