Here you can see the much loved Danish Souperbag™ in action by loyal devotees around the world.
Happy trails...

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Tom Brokaw, Washington D.C., 1969

Cape Town 1995

Chic New York Student 1988

The Grand Bag overlooking the Grand Canyon.

Jim Bonner, my best friend, Denmark 1985
1949 - 2003

Photographer Bud Lee´s kids know how to pack when they head out to the Australian Outback.

Marsha Forté, New Zealand, 1972

Swedish Playground Monitor

Surf´s up on the Maui coast!

A visit to Stonehenge inspired this artist to paint a curious cow inspecting her Danish bags.

Swiss Miss ready to yodel - or jump?

Same kids, ten years later in Edinburgh, Scotland where they encountered this friendly bloke visiting from New York City with his grey Souperbag.

Lady Albery making her rounds. London 1986

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