The Danish Souperbag™ is made by Globetrot™, which has a worldwide reputation for quality and design.
The material is a sturdy waterproof cotton canvas. All edges are double-stiched, and covered with black reinforced piping. All zippers are YKK.

The adjustable shoulder strap is made of the same sturdy cotton webbing used to move pianos in Denmark. Its smooth weave makes it unusually comfortable and stays put on the shoulder.


15½ x 13 x 4 inch. Full length zipper allows bag to unzip and expand to double its normal width, now a full 8 inches.

Squashy Beige
Cerulean Blue

All bags have Black trim and straps

$225, plus $10 shipping
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A super flight carry-all is this expandable, functional and casual bag. Always room to stuff one more thing (the sides are zippered and they expand to double the normal width.

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A favorite of
  • filmmakers
  • pilots
  • artists
  • writers
  • actors
  • architects
  • skateboarders
  • stock brokers
  • campers
  • nuns
  • anthropologists
  • travelers
  • teachers
  • Presbyterians
  • archivists
  • musicians
  • shoplifters
  • disc jockeys
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  • carpenters
  • plumbers
  • gardeners
  • poets
  • Lead Belly Fans
  • sailors
  • social workers
  • explorers
  • and World Travelers because there's always a place to stuff one more thing