Cheryl Tiegs
struts her stuff for Virginia Slims.

Japanese magazine.

Village Voice advertisment
featuring Harlem's own, writer Bobby Savinis.


Holiday card Merry Christmas!
"At last, the perfect bag for me."
-Santa Claus

"The best device for carrying things ever invented"




"The ultimate in  relaxed panache" 



"The Danish School bag is a great satchel for Scandinavian kids, photographers, models, teachers and anybody who carts around a lot of junk. A friend recently used one to smuggle a puppy on a flight from Cleveland to Miami"
-NEW AGE, Boston





"Still the  
best bag"






"These Danish School Bags carry books, wallets, chess sets: feature six nifty pockets, expandable sides, sturdy strap; wear like cold-rolled steel; and are generally splendiferous. Also, other Danish
School Bag carriers
make intresting dinner companions."

-Los Angeles Times







Born in Ireland. Started school at 4. My first Danish School Bag at 6 - my books never saw the inside of a locker. Now that I´ve crossed the Atlantic to college, I´m on my third or fourth bag. It carries the lot - on campus, on weekends in the city - even on trips abroad. A fifteen year old habit I´d be lost without. Super bag!
- Nic Heckett, student




"A truly
amazing amount of space!"

- New York Times  




"The best realization, functionality and aesthetically, of what a thing is meant to be"
-Duke Armstrong

"You have pleased me as much as my parents did when I was a child and was presented with the right baseball glove."
-Rufus Hale, Boston

"My wife got a very generous divorce settlement, but she went overboard when she absconded with my Danish Souperbag. Guess which one I miss more?"
-R.S., San Francisco